How Do I Get Started?

We’d love to meet you! We take appointments for free consultations at our New Braunfels location but you can always send us an email at info@relicrentalsnb.com or give us a call at (512)-667-2558 for any inquiries.


Do You Have A Minimum?

We have a minimum rental package amount of $500 for orders requiring delivery. Will Call orders vary case by case. Email info@relicrentalsnb.com for inquiries.


How Far Do You Deliver?

We service New Braunfels and all neighboring communities (within a 60 mile radius) are included in our basic delivery. We can discuss further deliveries based on our staff availability.


How Do I Solidify My Reservation?

Once you accept our rental proposal, you’ll pay 50% of the total not including delivery as a deposit. The remaining 50% will be due 14 business days prior to your scheduled event.


What If I Change My Mind?

You can switch out pieces from your original rental proposal up to 10 days prior to delivery, as long as the requested items are available for rent. We offer full refunds prior to 90 days from your scheduled date. If within 90 days, we retain your deposit. Any special orders will not be refundable.


What If I Broke It?

Damaged table decor will be assessed with a fee of three to five times the rental rate, depending on the damage. Furniture that is damaged or broken beyond repair will be assessed with the actual replacement cost. If the item is fixable/cleanable, you will be charged for the repair costs.


What If You Don’t Have It?

We build our inventory based on our clients’ needs so if we don’t have what you’re looking for, let us know and we might invest in it for you in the form of a Special Order. Email any inquiries to info@relicrentalsnb.com.